Hi, I’m Erin! I am a user-centric marketer and designer with over 7 years experience in B2B and B2C ranging from industry leaders and startups. I am good at capturing and increasing user engagement. I have a curious nature and like to continuously learn.
Not Your Typical Problem Solver

I took an unconventional path to arrive in UX, which gives me a unique perspective when it comes to solving problems.

As a marketer, I focus on audience needs and goals. I look for ways to leverage their existing habits and behaviors when creating a marketing strategy and content. Putting the customer first means they have a positive experience that makes them want to return.

Having worked in B2B and B2C at both startups and Fortune 100 companies, I understand the business needs at different stages of a company. In organizations of any size, I adhere to the lean methodology of working hard and learning fast to constantly improve products and campaigns.

I know getting things done sometimes means going beyond your defined role and doing whatever it takes. In some cases, that means learning how to code; in others, it means knowing when to delegate. Even more importantly, it means open communication and collaborating cross-functionally to drive success.

I aim to create simple, delightful solutions to complex problems.

My experience focuses on emerging technology, especially IOT, big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

When not working, I can be found sewing, painting, boxing, biking, hiking, snowboarding, reading or researching how to move to Italy.

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Erin OBannon
Erin OBannon

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