I always have the hardest time deciding what to wear to a concert. Of course, the outfit will be different depending on what concert your going to, but shouldn’t there be a general, stereotypical concert outfit that I can fall back on? I’ve got a few guidelines for what I’ll pick out to put on for any concert.

You want to make sure you’re going to be comfortable since chances are you’ll be standing for quite a while. Keeping that in mind, I know I’ll have to wear sneakers. (I only wear tennis shoes to the gym.) Chucks are generally acceptable at all genres of music, so if you have some of those laying around they’re a good choice. I normally wear some red sneakers or my rockin’ silver high tops. If I’m going to something a little fancier, say a Maxwell concert, I’ll probably start out in heels but keep a pair of flats in my bag.

Jeans are an easy choice for a concert. Typically, I choose skinny jeans because they look good with the sneaks, high-tops, heels or ballet flats. Guys should choose a slender-fitting jean. Girls want to be able to see your booty, but you don’t have to go to the extreme of skin-tight jeans. Jeans with a dark wash tend to look more dressy.

For the top, I like to wear a t-shirt. Picking the perfect shirt is usually the hardest part for me. Old concert tees are an easy choice, but I don’t want to look just like everyone else. I like to layer t-shirts, tank tops vests and jackets in any combination. Guys can do the same thing. Pick out a nice tee and layer it with another t-shirt, button-down shirt or vest. You can also add a snazzy belt or hat.

Now go enjoy the music.

(photos c0urtesy of the Improper Bostonian)

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2 thoughts to “Concert Outfit

  • Tom

    I usually prefer jeans, black Chucks and a black T shirt. My outfit of choice at the Maxwell concert, Airborne Toxic Event show, U2 concert – you get the point.

  • onewomanacademy

    Summer concerts are perfect with short, cools sandals, an embellished tank top, and a slouchy vest. Add skinny jeans and boots and you’ve got fall concert gold.


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