So, I’ve found the shoes I need to get me through the dreary, miserable winter months in Boston:

Okay, so they’re suede, but they have a platform and nice treads. ANNND they’re Jimmy Choo, so if you’ve got some spare cash and you love me, feel free to get ’em for my birthday.

What would actually be perfect is a pair of Timberlands with heels. Does that exist?

I’ve also been having a hard time finding good casual winter shoes for guys. What’s the deal? Either they look too formal, not warm enough or like a goofy hiking boot. Anyone found a warm, functional and stylish shoe for men to wear during the winter?

[Update 9/211/10]
I found an affordable AND adorable pair of boots to wear in the inclement weather.

Aren’t they great? They have
1. Traction
2. Leather, not suede
3. A heel, but not too high, so I can comfortably walk in them all day.
Plus, they look cute with jeans or a skirt/dress.

Get ’em for yourself at Urban Outfitters.

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