Last night was Fashion’s Night Out, an event created by Anna Wintour to get people out shopping after the economy dropped. So you know what that means: I was going crazy trying to figure out something to wear with excitement about seeing the fashion!

There were plenty of events going on in Boston this year: Newbury St was closed for the first time in 15 years so the shoppers could easily get around, some stores were having fashion shows, and most were serving drinks and hor d’oeuvres. I made a plan to hit up Saks for free drinks and snacks and music and a fashion show, then trek down to the ICA to see Sam Mendoza‘s fall fashion (video) show, then return to Newbury to hear music at Life Is Good before meeting up with Dean Elmore and other BU kids at Towne for drinks.

The beginning of my plan actually worked out. I went to Saks and wandered around admiring the beautiful things I can’t afford to have, but after a while started to think that maybe I didn’t wear the right thing. My quilt scrap skirt, Chanel-esque jacket and boots really stood out among the figure-hugging, sleek dresses and jeans with sky-high heels. I decided to get a Clinique makeover and book it out of there.

Next, I headed to Life Is Good because I had some time to kill before the Mendoza show. Obviously, I felt a little more confident about my outfit there because everyone else was wearing jeans and tees. But, again, walking down Newbury to the T, everyone was wearing very tight clothing with towering heels. “If only I had worn my heels,”I thought. “Why didn’t I wear my heels?” Head down, I made my way to the ICA where my ego didn’t feel any better.

The Sam Mendoza show was beautiful. I met Sam spring semester freshman year of college when I joined FAB – The Fashion and retail Association at BU. He had amazing designs then, and continues to impress me. When one of the guests asked Sam and a representative from Louis if they thought people in Boston would buy his clothes since they aren’t very conservative the way Boston people are. And they responded, yes, of course Bostonians buy these clothes. Obviously, because that’s what (very successful) Louis sells, and people keep coming in to buy Sam’s designs or having him make something custom for them. Fashion isn’t about what the runways dictate, which is the problem today. Fashion should be about the way clothes look and how they represent your personality or mood.

And that is when I started to feel better about my home-made, vintage, non-designer clothes. Runways may dictate the season’s fashions, but style is completely individual – it’s about what makes you feel like yourself. So walk with your head high no matter what, and let others know you consider yourself the best dressed.

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