Yes, I know, I know. It must be REALLY diffuicult to work for a fashion magazine. Trust me, it is. I have to look at beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories all day long and I’m not allowed to take home or wear any of them! I just want to go shopping every day because I desperately need that chaqueta muy mona from the Desigual lookbook. And everyone is wearing cute leather or motorcycle jackets. (Also, I know they’re on sale at H&M because I saw them when I was there buying new jeggings.)

However, I’ve been really good at resisting my temptation. On my way to H&M to pick up the new leggings, I decided to stop in at Stradivarius. They had some cute leather jackets on sale that I was contemplating. But as I exited the metro I saw the Custo Barcelona store. Went inside just for a peek. Aaaand that was all I needed. Custo Barcelona has so many cute things, but they were all so colorful and psychadelic that I needed to leave. So, I proceeded to Stradivarius. Oooh, everything there is so cute, shoes especially. Thank God I have a semi-rational brain.

I can’t buy anything for several reasons:
1.) Very limited space in my suitcases to fly back to the States.

2.) Very limited budget. All I have to do to dissuade myself from buying, or even trying on, an item is look at the price. 24,95 – that’s not bad. Oh wait, euros, that’s like 40 bucks. Not worth it. Especially when I know I can find something just as good or better for a better price.

3.) Very aware of my body type, personality and what I already own. I won’t buy unflattering things, no matter how popular the trend. I would rather look good than trendy. Right now, a soft-country look is very popular. I won’t buy into that because I’m not a country girl. The nude and lace trend is a different story. I would love to buy that delicate lace dress from Stradivarius, but I know I already have a sweet shirt and slips that I could wear until I can afford something else. Shopping your closet is a very good idea for people like me.

But I can still look.

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