[These next few months I will be studying in Madrid and working for Glamour Magazine. Some posts may be written in Spanish, with English below it.]

This is my second full day working at Glamour. So far, I feel like I don’t know any spanish. My job is to call designers of the clothes we use in a photo shoot and find out how much they cost. This is usually rather confusing and difficult if I have to describe the item to the press office person in spanish. Sometimes the things are rather hard to see in the pictures, as you know. Also, I can’t understand some of what my coworkers are trying to say to me. When they talk it just sounds like background noise. But I guess I’ll be forced to learn quickly, especially with my classes going.

There are some wonderful perks to working for a magazine, however. Getting to read all the new issues immediately and for free is one, obviously.* Another is getting to see all the latest designer collections and new trends, as well as what will be coming up in the next issue. I learned of another perk this morning when my fellow intern, Monica was asked to model some sunglasses. She might actually appear in the magazine! ¡Qué bueno!

Let me tell you more about my work. I am in a beautiful building where all the different editions of Conde Nast are housed. Each different magazine has its own department in the building. In Glamour there are seperate areas for all the sections of the magazine, and they are filled with messy desks, apple computers, piles of magazines and lookbooks, and fashionable people. People have hung up clippings from magazines all over the walls. Additionally, giant posters of past magazine covers line the hallways. In the basement we have all the clothes and the studio. I would love to be able to browse through it.

I was afraid everyone here would be enviously tall, skinny and perfect wearing the most recent collections and trends. Turns out they are normal people wearing the most stylish things that are trendy, yet versatile over many seasons. All spanish people seem to be wonderfully fashionable, actually. They wear wonderful boots or heels or flats. This morning I saw a woman wearing a cobalt blue poncho coat. The men wear peacoats over sweaters and great skinny jeans tucked into unlaced leather boots or over pointy-toed shoes. The best part is: nobody wears uggs or flip flops! That makes me so happy.

Is it like this in all of Europe?

*I just saw the most beautiful Piaget watch in the spring/summer issue of Vogue España (novias). It is yellow gold with precious stones, which look like fish scales. Only 540.000 Euros!

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  • Casandra


    I’m trying to find a internship for this upcoming fall in Glamour Spain. I have worked in Lucky Magazine and Teen Vogue as intern but since I got accepted in a business school in Madrid I would like to work in a internship at the same time. I have been trying for a week to find the “masterhead” for Spain but no luck. Can you please help?

    Best of wishes and Good Luck with the internship 🙂


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