I woke up early on a FRIDAY morning to go in to Glamour for a photo shoot. My co-intern, Monica was to be the model for a bunch of electronics and gadgets for the Glamour España March 2010 issue. I thought I’d tag along to see what the process for a photo shoot is.

They had asked Monica to come in early so they could paint her nails, as she’ll be holding a bunch of things. Unfortunately, that took an hour or so. I could have slept in.

Once her nails were dry, Monica changed into a chartreuse polo by Lacoste, and we (Monica, Maite-the stylist, David-the photographer and I) jumped into a cab to go to a furniture store. After Maite and David walked all around the store looking for the perfect, most modern-looking chair, we set up the lights and the camera. Maite had a hard time arranging all the gadgets on Monica’s chest and in her hands. There were several cell phones, a laptop, a gameboy, headphones, a camera and the focal point was a pair of glasses for watching movies. The glasses seemed really uncomfortable; I wouldn’t be able to sit through a whole movie wearing them.

David took about 50 shots…and that was it! We packed up, and Maite and David went back to Glamour while Monica and I found some lunch. I thought it was going to be much more dramatic. Maybe when there are different outfits and models it will be.

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