It’s that time of year again. The day is soon approaching when you can be whomever or whatever you want without risking judgment from other people. Yes, Halloween is coming soon.

I’m not on the “be-a-slut” bandwagon, though I do go for showing off great physical fitness and empowering yourself. It’s a thin line, I’ll admit. I’m also against flat-out buying a Halloween costume. Come on people; be more creative. Find stuff around the house to make a costume out of.

For example, last year I found a leotard in my drawer (I used to be a gymnast, plus they’re good under a skirt or pants). Since Beyonce’s Single Ladies was a very popular song at the time, and in the video she dances around in a leotard, I decided to be her. All I had to do was buy a pair of brown stockings and a ring pop, tease my hair and put on a LOT of bronzer, and presto-chango!

Wow I look just like her.
Now, I could easily make this into the aerobics instructor from the Call On Me video by adding leg warmers and a sweat band. But I don’t have a sweat band; I do have cat ears. I also have a cat toy and an old t-shirt that I could cut up to make a tail. So, I am going to be a cat this year.
For other ideas, or just some comic relief, enjoy a video from Girls Costume Warehouse.
11/07/10 Update
This year I was Jonbenet Ramesy, dead. Wrong, I know.

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