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comparing black and white dres
To keep or not to keep

I’m in a fashion rut. I want to place most of the blame on the perpetual winter. I’m so sick of wearing tights. Some skirts and dresses just don’t look good with tights!

But I think the deeper cause of the problem is I’ve been a bit of a fashion schizophrenic and at the same time going through some life changes, like

  • establishing my place in the professional world
  • presenting myself as reliable and respectable
  • wanting to be taken seriously, but also seen as creative and dynamic

I think I’m going to give myself the advice I give: start from scratch.

  1. Decide what my goals are.
  2. Take everything out of my closet.
  3. Evaluate each piece against my goals and decide whether to keep, sell or donate.
  4. Make a list of items to buy to round out my wardrobe.

One of my problems is that I always want a stand-out piece – something funky or bright, so I own a ton of highlight pieces that are overwhelming when worn together. I already know I’ll need more of the classic, basic pieces, like slacks and dress shirts. Plus I have a list of items I’d like to get for spring.

Once I’ve edited the clothes I have, I will need to match them up to create outfits – that I’ll leave for another post.

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