McCall's pattern and Ikat fabric

Lately, I’ve been looking for more stylish athletic wear that I can take from the gym, to errands, to lunch – without breaking the bank. Basically, I want tops that don’t look like workout tops, or can cover up my workout tops. Lululemon has some great options (like this sporty jacket), but they’re so expensive!

And since I’m not allowed to buy anything, I decided to make something! I definitely wanted to make something bright and colorful because most of my other workout gear is black. I did a lot of searching around online for patterns to make active-wear tops, but didn’t come across much beyond leotards and t-shirts.

I settled on making a sweatshirt from the McCall’s Spa Essentials pattern, and I got a bright pink and orange Ikat fabric on sale.

I preshrunk the fabric because I didn’t want to make the jacket and have it shrink when I washed it the first time. Unfortunately, after I washed the fabric, I barely had enough to cut out the pattern pieces! So I had to get creative laying out all the pieces. Everything worked out okay in the end. I also added about an inch of length to the bottom because I really wanted something longer. And it’s a good thing I did, because this jacket would have been way too short had I not.

cutting out the pattern
laying out the pattern to cut the fabric
cut out fabric pieces
I’ve cut out the fabric pieces
jacket without sleeves and a zipper
All that’s left is to add the zipper and sleeves!

After a few nights working here and there, the jacket is almost finished! It looks pretty cute as a vest as well.And here is the final product – pardon my awkward picture. I’m still getting used to posing.

the completed jacket
The completed jacket.

So, what do you think? Has anyone found any good sewing patterns for athletic wear?

One thought to “McCall’s Hooded Sweatshirt”

  • M M OBannon

    Wow! Great fabric! You did a wonderful job of laying out and matching.


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