Today I am joining Emmi Sorokin of It’s a Man’s World Image Consulting. I am very excited, and she should be too, because she is launching a new magazine for men’s image consulting. AND she is looking for help, which I am more than willing to give. Emmi works with men (obviously), and she makes them look good.

Today we are going to work with another exciting Bostonian – Tom O’Keefe, the man behind @BostonTweet. Tom generally likes to keep things simple when it comes to clothing. His wardrobe basically consists of jeans, khaki shorts and black t-shirts with a couple oxford shirts thrown in for ‘dressy’ occasions. His shoes are either chuck taylors or tennis shoes. I wouldn’t say Tom looks bad, I just think he could step it up a bit and find a few more formal pieces to add to his closet. I’m excited to see what Emmi has in store for him.

I’m also excited to see what else Emmi has in store for this magazine. Probably more men makeovers. And I can’t tell you how thrilling it is for me to make people over. Just to see them as someone who can stand out in the crowd before they even open their mouths. I literally get butterflies when someone with style crosses my path. Oh, how I wish everyone could dress well. But then I guess Emmi and I would be out of a job.

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