Sweatpants. T-shirt, sweatshirt, tennis shoes/moccasins/slippers. This is a classic college student look. I can understand that look; sweatpants are soooo comfortable. But do you know how you look wearing them? Lazy. And fat. Like you literally just rolled out of bed and came to class (which, let’s be serious, is probably what you did).

Guess what. It doesn’t take any more time to put on a pair of jeans or other real pants than it does to put on sweatpants. It doesn’t take any extra time to put on a nice shirt. There is no extra time required to put on real shoes either. So what’s your excuse people? You’re lazy.

The thing I loathe more than sweatpants? Uggs. I hate uggs. Uggs are the sweatpants of footwear. They should not be worn outside of your home. Why can’t girls just put on some real boots and actually look good?

I’ve seen girls wear Uggs with sweatpants (awful), jeans, miniskirts (? explain this.) and most commonly with leggings. WHY!?!? Your outfit would look 500 times better with some real boots or ballet flats! Both are just as easy to put on! What is the deal?

Please remember that you are being judged by how you look at all times. Take the (no extra) time to put on some jeans and cute shoes at the very least. People will be much less likely to think you’re hungover.

(PS BONUS! Another great post about this (and the one I used a picture from) is here.

2 thoughts to “Quintessential College Look

  • onewomanacademy

    Oh my God, oh my God, oh my GOD!

    You wrote it! I’m so deliriously cheered! Can I just retweet the shit out of this post to shame some bitches?

    Much love, Erin O!

  • Anonymous

    i guess i should feel ashamed cuz that was my typical college day uniform…but i dont. I still got dates. But it did feel extra nice when i got all these compliments on the occasions where I did feel like putting on some real clothes. lol.


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