Lately, I’ve been drawn to rings. All of them. Up until a couple months ago, I rarely changed my rings, wearing the same ones every day. But something has caught fire in my soul and fingers, and I just can’t get enough. They’re a great way to make a statement and change up an outfit.

Amber, from a shop in Coolidge Corner

Silver, inherited from my grandmother

Diamond, a gift from Kris Humphries

From LF

From Acquire
better view

Silver, from James Avery

Gold Plate and gems, from Jewel Mint

Metal, made by one of my mom’s old boyfriends, stolen from her jewelry chest

One thought to “Rings, my new obsession”

  • Holly

    I love that skull ring, but the heart one is too cute. I can’t visit Etsy anymore because I find so many things I want.


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