I traveled to Saratoga Springs a couple of times this summer to go to the horse races. Not that I’m interested in betting or anything, I just love to see the way people dress (and to dress up). The notable part of dressing for horse races is the hat.

Kentucky Derby
Unfortunately, if you want to have a nice hat, you’re going to have to spend some money – more money than you want to. So what I did was head over to TJ Maxx to pick out a nice wide-brimmed hat, and then to the craft store for feathers, ribbons and felt. Armed with these and my hot glue gun, I put together a fascinator, which I could wear on its own or tie onto the hat with the ribbon. Now I have two hats and two fascinators all for the price of $30.
But on to other people.
I love the way this woman looked, reclining in her lawn chair, with her hat sticking out over the top of her newspaper.
While these women were dressed a little tragically (trashy), they did have some fabulous hats.
Outside of the stands, a four-piece band was performing and this couple was dancing.
This trio of lovely ladies was watching the performance. They get the Best-Dressed award. Everything about their ensembles was great, from hats, to swingy pleated skirts, to shoes.
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