The first sewing project using my new Viking Emerald I’ll show you (since it’s the first I’ve documented) is a peplum shirt by New Look Patterns.

New Look peplum shirt and bottoms pattern

On a random trip to Walmart after the purchase of Emmy, I couldn’t resist buying something to make with her. I found this pattern and, despite the pitiful selection, some fabric to make it out of.

Ombre striped fabric

 Pretty awesome, huh? Especially since stripes are one of the biggest trends for spring this year.

If you know anything about sewing, you know that when cutting out most patterns, they must be lined up with the selvage or bais of the fabric in order to drape properly. Well, I wanted the stripe of my shirt to be vertical (to be most flattering), but they ran horizontal to the selvage. So, I decided to test something and cut the pattern pieces along the crossgrain. That is generally not recommended, but my pattern and fabric were cheap, plus the garment itself was a little more structured, so I figured I’d try it out.

Cutting the pattern pieces on the crossgrain

 If I had really been thinking this through, I would have centered the front and back pieces on either the thickest blue or white stripes, which would have had an even more slimming effect. Oh well.

pattern pieces weren’t strategically centered on the stripes

But, despite the off-centered-ness of the stripes and cutting along the crossgrain, my new top turned out amazing!

my new ombre-striped peplum shirt!

What do you think? Do you like it?

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