Incorporating vintage pieces into your wardrobe will add character and wealth. These pieces are usually of a higher quality than the mass-produced things we find in stores today. I mean, just look how long they’ve lasted!

Last weekend I ventured all the way to Davis Square in Cambridge/Somerville for the annual HONK festival. Between a couple of band performances, I had time to take a peek into Artifaktori, one of Boston’s best vintage shops. Here are the gems I found (and I had to leave tons behind):

All of this for under $115


gold necklace – $15

jeweled earrings – $3

gold leaf earrings – $5

faux diamond watch w/chain bands – $14
1960’s era purse, complete with coin purse, lighter, lipstick and compact – $36

and an Oscar de la Renta scarf for $15.

I will definitely be back to Artifactori, and because of my successful trip I’m on a vintage shopping kick. Boston has several great places to get vintage or consignment stuff. Here’s a list of Where’s top ten:
1. Urban Renewal
2. Bobby from Boston
3. The Haberdash Vintage
4. Dame
5. Artifaktori
6. Second Time Around
7. 40 South Street
8. Raspberry Beret
9. Buffalo Exchange
10. Poor Little Rich Girl

Go buy vintage!

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