Devin’s shoes are from Zuriick
Shoes can also spruce up and add interest to an outfit. Most American guys (and girls) wear the same shoes: Chucks (All Stars), tennis shoes, loafers, oxfords and maybe a few driving mocs here and there.
But it’s sooo easy to be more creative with your footwear. Europeans and Devin Flaherty (above) are really good at this. Next time you’re in the market for a pair of casual shoes, look for something a little different. Add some color or try something funky. There’s nothing wrong with the shoes you’ve been wearing (unless you gym shoes with jeans), but why fit in with everyone else when you can be exceptional?
Devin also picked an interesting sock, which you may remember reading about in this post.
Also by Zuriick
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One thought to “Statement Shoes”

  • danchiz

    I love colored shoes. I do not know if I could do multi-colored but definitely a solid color.

    I had green Sperrys and they were amazing. I need to get a new pair.


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