The quickest, simplest, easiest way to change up an outfit is by adding and taking away accessories. For the following outfits I added a lavender long sleeve shirt (from Target) over the dress. Because of the cut of the dress – cinched, gathered waist, pleated neckline – there were some unflattering lumps under the shirt. I decided to solve that problem by adding a belt.

  To add some interest at the top, I added a scarf, pulling coordinating and matching colors from the dress and shirt.

I could also layer a jacket over the shirt for chilly days or as a way to make the outfit more sharp for a professional setting.

But there’s no reason why all three accessories can’t be worn together.

Accessories are the main thing that make a closet versatile. They are also the best way to keep up with all the changing trends each season without breaking the bank. So don’t feel bad about buying these cheap and giving them away or posting them on eBay at the end of each season.

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