More and more frequently, I find myself wishing I had more expertise in my fields of interest *and* more knowledgeable about so many more things. For example, I have many passions: personal styling/image consulting, public relations, marketing, sewing. In order to improve in those areas, I have learned many skills: social media, events marketing, HTML & CSS, writing, SEO, advertising, event planning, draping, tailoring, and many more. But no matter what, there is always something to improve upon and additional skills to learn.

I think the top of my list for skills to acquire right now is video. I have such a desire to become a Vine pro. (If you know someone who could teach me, please send me a tweet or put their info in the comments!) And while I don’t necessarily need to be the best video producer/editor for longer videos, it would be nice to have the ability to make a decent video without having to invest in too many tools and programs.

Video is just my current obsession. I know I should spend more time practicing coding, reading about content marketing, reading about new fashion trends and styles for different body types, writing, sewing, analyzing, optimizing, networking. Not to mention the myriad skills that would bolster and enhance those things. But I also have to sleep and eat.

How do you decide what to prioritize in your personal and professional development? I understand that in most cases certain tasks will be left for the experts to handle, but then how can one person be a growth hacker?

“I could easily go around in endless circles with myself, questioning whether or not I’m on the right track with something. I just have to stop myself, and ask for help.” –Milwaukee-based artist Cassandra Smith (borrowed from 19 Daily Habits of Artists)

Please, experienced marketers and professionals, tell me what you did to get where you are. Fellow young professionals, what are you doing to try to improve your skillsets?

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